Crimes Against the Person

Some crimes involve a person being directly victimized.  These are the types of offenses in which a person is injured or threatened, and they are known as crimes against the person.  Some such crimes are misdemeanors, while others are classified as felonies.  Regardless of the nature of the offense, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to begin preparing your defenses, as the punishments on conviction of such crimes can be severe.

Assault Crimes

While there are many types of assault, the basic elements remain the same: assault involves putting another person in fear of imminent harm.  Assault often goes hand-in-hand with battery – the act of touching a person in an unwanted way.  It’s important to note that assault does not require any actual physical contact.  While many assault charges – including simple assault, domestic assault, and mob assault – are misdemeanors, others are classified as felonies.

Domestic assault involves two people who live together, whether married or single, related or unrelated.  Such a charge is heard before the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court.  When a domestic assault charge is filed, a protective order goes into place automatically, and violating that order can lead to new charges or hurt your potential defenses to the original charge.  If you are charged with a first offense of domestic assault, you may be eligible to enter a program that involves community service and a batterer’s intervention class.  Completion of the program will cause the charge to be dismissed after two years, but entering the program does involve pleading guilty to the domestic assault charge, which can have negative impacts on employment, housing, or citizenship.  It is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your defenses and your options.

Conviction for certain assault charges includes mandatory jail time.  That time ranges from two days for assault on a teacher to six months for assault on a police officer or judge.  In such cases, the knowledge element – knowing that the person assaulted was a teacher, police officer, etc. – becomes important.  Other defenses may include a claim of self-defense, defense of another person, or an argument that the assault was actually mutual combat.  The attorneys at Richmond Law Group have the knowledge and experience to defend you, no matter what kind of assault crime charge you are facing.

Malicious Wounding and Crimes of Violence

Sometimes, assaults lead to actual physical contact.  When that happens, additional charges may be pressed.  Depending on the extent of the injury, you may face charges such as malicious wounding.  In the extreme, manslaughter or murder charges may result.

The facts of your case are critical in determining the defenses you may have.  In such cases, the intent with which the violent act was done is important, and can be inferred from the act itself or from statements made in connection with the assault and battery.  In addition to intent, self-defense arguments or mutual combat arguments may apply.  Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney such as those at Richmond Law Group to discuss the facts and start preparing your defenses.

Sex Crimes

Crimes involving sexual acts may be violent or non-violent, but they are considered crimes against the person.  Indeed, in some circumstances, even consensual sex may be criminalized.  Sex crimes include sexual battery, sodomy, carnal knowledge, rape, and other similar offenses.  Punishments range from a misdemeanor conviction that could bring up to a year in jail, to a life sentence for certain felony convictions, depending on the charge and the facts.

Again, the facts of your case are important in determining what defenses may be available to you.  If you have been charged with any sex crime, contact a criminal defense attorney with the experience necessary to help you through this difficult time.

This list does not exhaust the types of crimes against the person that the attorneys at Richmond Law Group handle.  If you are charged with a crime against a person, contact us today.

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