Estate Planning

The transfer of property and wealth between generations is a complex and intensely personal task. Whether you are looking to provide for your family when you're gone, create a legacy for your favorite charity, or direct your own medical treatment, the lawyers at Richmond Law Group will be happy to counsel you on your options, and draw up the appropriate documents.

We listen to your wishes and goals in drafting wills and trusts designed to preserve wealth and distribute inheritances efficiently in accordance with the comprehensive plan we help you develop.

Last Will and Testament

A will dictates who gets your property, money, and other assets after your death. It might simply leave everything to one person, or detail who gets each particular asset. Wills can also include trusts for the benefit of children, charities, or other . Without a will, state laws dictate how property is distributed, through a process called intestate succession.

The attorneys at Richmond Law Group believe that everyone over the age of 18, regardless of family status, should protect themselves and their loved ones by creating a proper estate plan. Make sure that your property and wealth go where you want it, rather than where the state thinks it should go.

Even if you already have a will, it should be reviewed and updated from time to time. As your circumstances change, so should your will. Whether you've gotten married, been divorced, had kids, or bought a house, updating your will to reflect your wishes is imperative to taking care of your family when you're gone.

Powers of Attorney

An advanced medical directive, sometimes called a living will, allows you to dictate your health care preferences ahead of time. Such a document can be used to name a person to make health care decisions for you, and specify how you want to be treated while under medical care.

Whether you're undergoing a routine medical procedure, receiving long-term treatment for a significant illness, or perfectly healthy, letting your loved ones and your medical care providers know your preferences ensures that you get the type of treatment you want. In the worst circumstances, an advanced medical directive saves your family the stress and agony of having to make difficult decisions about end-of-life care.

The attorneys at Richmond Law Group can help you think about these important decisions, and then prepare the right paperwork to make sure your wishes are carried out.

Other types of powers of attorney may grant an individual the authority to conduct business in your absence. Powers of attorney may authorize another person to pay bills, enter contracts, and make bank transactions on your behalf when you're unable to do so. Whether you're going on vacation, going to jail, or going overseas to serve in our nation's military, it's important to make sure your affairs are in order. The attorneys at Richmond Law Group can prepare the appropriate power of attorney to delegate the right type of authority for just the right amount of time. Whether you're looking for an advanced medical directive or another type of power of attorney, call Richmond Law Group today to discuss your needs.


Trusts set aside money or property for the benefit of another person or organization. They can be designed to survive your death, or to terminate at a specific time. Often, trusts are included as part of a will, to make sure that an inheritance left to young children is used to take care of them or for their benefit. Whatever your needs or goals, the attorneys at Richmond Law Group can create the right type of trust to accomplish them.

We can offer customized protections in the form of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced medical directives. Whether you need a will or trust to control the distribution of your assets in the case of unexpected death, or you want an advance medical directive to ensure your wishes are followed in any future medical treatment, call Richmond Law Group today.

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